Panjiva: Supply Chain Intelligence

In 2018, S&P Global acquired Panjiva, a global supply chain content provider, to enhance S&P Global Market Intelligence’s robust data and analytical offerings. More than 18,000 users worldwide—including buyers, suppliers, governments, and analysts—turn to Panjiva for global supply chain insights, competitive intelligence, sourcing, sales and lead generation, risk analysis, and investment management. 

Using Data Science and Technology to Make Sense of Large, Unstructured Data Sets

Panjiva tracks supply chain data across a variety of industries and commodities and provides clients with macro data covering 95% of global trade flows, as well as transactional data covering 40% of global trade flows. Panjiva leverages proprietary machine-learning technologies to reveal key insights from unstructured supply chain data and transforms a massive dataset into a supply chain graph, mapping trade relationships between companies.

Panjiva leverages machine learning to surface key insights from unstructured supply chain data

Primary Customer Segments

Global operating companies
Freight service providers
Investment managers
Insurance companies
Government enforcement agencies
Academic libraries

18,000+ Users Leverage Panjiva to:

Learn about competitors (view total import/export volumes and supplier/customer networks)
Find trustworthy suppliers for new or existing
product lines
Identify and qualify sales leads in a certain region, trade lane, or product category
Detect risk in supply chain activity, such as companies transacting with potential high-risk counterparties
Understand market signals by mapping company supply chain data to stock price movements

Panjiva’s Global Coverage

More than 1 billion transaction details of goods traded across borders, including company names, product descriptions, and values
Data from 14 country sources with shipments to/from more than 180 countries, including USA, India, Mexico, Brazil, Sri Lanka, and nine countries in Latin America
Covering ~40% of all global trade
9 million companies profiled
13 million company-to-company relationships

Panjiva was one of Fast Company Magazine’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Data Science for 2018