Data Feeds and the Power of Linking

Alternative data for next-generation research and analysis

S&P Global Market Intelligence is addressing its clients’ need for machine-readable, structured textual data so they can leverage natural-language processing and machine-learning capabilities for faster and better analysis. S&P Global Market Intelligence has converted conference call transcripts—historically unstructured datasets of PDF and Word documents—into machine-readable textual data with smart tags. This format enables customers to integrate transcript data with proprietary content and other datasets to easily perform research, analysis, and predictive analytics to gain greater insight.


Unlocking Data in Conference Call Transcripts to Gain Greater Insight

Earnings calls, M&A calls, analyst days, and industry conferences

Unlock data captured in thousands of PDF transcripts

Convert data to machine-readable format (such as text or XML)

Apply smart tagging to structure and link data points to other S&P Global content sets (such as Companies, People, Events, etc.)

Deliver to customers as machine-readable data via Xpressfeedand real-time through event-driven alerts

Current Coverage

10+ years of transcripts for earnings, M&A, and investor calls and industry conferences
9,000+ public companies globally

S&P Global Market Intelligence is making it easier for clients to perform research and analysis on unstructured data to gain greater insight

Updated Information