Market Intelligence on the S&P Global Platform

Unifying products and platforms to improve the client experience

S&P Global Market Intelligence is unifying the legacy platforms from S&P Capital IQ and SNL to create an integrated platform for distributing content and analytics in workflows tailored to meet the needs of clients.

  • Enterprise-Wide Pricing
    New licenses take into account the usage, breadth, and needs of a firm and provide clients with a simpler licensing model that generally allows more users to access this subscription service.
  • Approximately 88% of “per seat” licenses have been moved to the new enterprise-wide commercial agreements in desktop products (as of 3/31/2019).


Integrated Data
The Market Intelligence platform integrates S&P Global, S&P Capital IQ, SNL, Compustat®, LCD, Ratings, CUSIP®, third-party data, and client-proprietary data in one solution.
Easy to Use
Designed with a client-first approach, the platform is modeled after client workflows and is starting to incorporate Omnisearch from Kensho—reducing the need for training and the cost of implementation.
Visual Analytics
Driven by next-generation machine intelligence, visual analytics provide purpose-specific analytics and presentation tools to help users arrive at answers and drive value for their clients.
With Market Intelligence, users can access content and analytics via a web browser or Microsoft Office on their desktop or mobile device, on the road or in their office.
Open & Extensible
Built using an open architecture, the platform has been designed to let others seamlessly extend the content and analytics to their proprietary systems.

Market Intelligence transitioned all legacy SNL users onto the Market Intelligence platform in November 2017. The platform is now available for preview to all Capital IQ platform users.