Market Intelligence Platform: Designed to Respond to Specific User Personas and Workflows

S&P Global Market Intelligence’s platform design team has created unique views within the platform for various user personas—people who are grouped based on similar job functions. Designing for personas ensures that S&P Global Market Intelligence gets to know its clients’ needs at a granular level and that its products are directly relevant to users’ workflows.


S&P Global Market Intelligence serves user personas/job functions within each customer segment:

Investment Banker Persona

The Investment Banker persona follows the job function within the Investment Banking & Private Equity segment.

The Investment Banker dashboard features streaming updates that enable users to:

Monitor clients’ performance and recent developments
Develop robust pro-forma financial models to support client M&A and capital-raising engagements
Understand the stock performance of a single security or a group of securities over time
Track the performance of an index or portfolio by sector
Access near real-time updates of news, press releases, documents & filings, events, financials, and industry research for a company watchlist

Intuitive screens are mapped to the workflow:

News:  Schedule news alerts to be delivered on a schedule or in real time
Charting:  Build custom charts, incorporate annotations and key developments, and export for use in presentations
Screening:  Zero in on companies of interest across targeted industries and geographies using a combination of SNL asset-level data and S&P Capital IQ market data
Report Builder:  Build comprehensive custom reports using a variety of S&P Global Market Intelligence content

Two search types unique to Investment Bankers:

By topic to find companies and content related to a unique product, industry, or theme
By natural-language search for answers to common questions such as market capitalization of a specific company

The Market Intelligence platform has been designed for unique user personas, making it directly relevant to a user’s workflow

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