Driving Commercial Transformation

Platts Real-Time Analytics

Prototype uses emerging technologies for commodity-trading decisions

S&P Global Platts has established a rapid innovation program that employs a lean startup process. The program enables innovation groups to iterate on ideas that align with emerging technology and disruptive, new opportunities.

Because of this program, S&P Global Platts is developing a next-generation real-time analytics prototype that leverages machine learning, AI, and alternative data sources to help inform commodity-trading decisions. Customer-led feedback will inform the direction of the prototype.

Connect and explore data

S&P Global Platts will work with a client’s technologists to establish data connectivity with real-time fundamental data streams via APIs

Dedicated onboarding

S&P Global Platts will provide support for analysts and traders, including data integration workshops

Enhanced analysis

Platts Real-Time Analytics will provide early adopters with access to beta components including real-time supply demand modeling in targeted regions/commodities 

Use next-gen techniques to
accelerate proprietary edge

Analysts and traders will have access to new data sets and machine learning, which help create new proprietary insights for an edge in trading

Enhancing and Simplifying the Customer Experience

S&P Global Platts is taking key steps as it prepares for its migration onto the S&P Global Platform, which will support a richer big-data experience for the commodity markets. These changes will enable S&P Global Platts to operate more efficiently, bring new products to its customers by leveraging data across S&P Global, and enhance the customer experience.

Moving to Single-User Experience 

Simplify customer choices by reducing number of products, creating segmented offerings, and migrating to S&P Global platform

(see page 9 for migration timeline)
More than 30 proprietary platforms
1 proprietary platform; selected channel partners 
Multiple and disconnected XML, FTP, APIs, and feeds
Rationalized, optimized, and connected APIs and feeds 
Connecting and Expanding Data 

Embrace alternative data, decision science, and algorithms

Static, siloed data sources
Integrated commodities value chains 
Integrating Analytical Offerings 
Deliver real-time analytics to customers and users by leveraging new content creation tools and working with S&P Global Market Intelligence to deliver enhanced desktop functionality

Legacy analyst teams and brands (e.g., Bentek, PIRA)
S&P Global Platts 
Simplifying the Product Portfolio 

Capture efficiencies from a simplified portfolio and drive operational excellence

298 products and user-based pricing
12 commodity-based offerings and enterprise pricing 

S&P Global Platts has an ongoing commitment to digital transformation in the energy sector and to delivering innovative solutions

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