Investing in Technology to Bring New Insights to Market Faster

S&P Global selected a number of innovative technology companies in which to invest to keep pace with the latest developments. These acquisitions and investments reinforce the Company’s ongoing belief that artificial intelligence, big data, and automation are core capabilities required to succeed in information services for the capital and commodity markets.

S&P Global acquired Kensho in early 2018 after an initial stake in 2016. Kensho’s experience will help direct an enterprise-wide evolution of the business that enables us to embed new analytical capabilities in our products and improve user experiences through natural-language processing, visualization, and advanced search.


Fintech:  Making Investments Relevant to Our Future

S&P Global is investing in fintech venture capital funds to get exposure and access to emerging technologies, talent, and business models.
Green Visor Capital (San Francisco)
Arbor Ventures (Hong Kong and Tel Aviv)
The House Fund (Berkeley)
LingFeng Capital (China)

Embedding New Analytical Capabilities

Recent investments align the Company’s commitment to surface new, actionable insights quickly using leading-edge technology.

Machine-Learning Technology

Quickly ingest and link alternative and unstructured data sets with traditional data

Natural-Language Processing (NLP)

Convert text to machine-readable format across thousands of documents. Leverage smart tagging to enhance a customer’s analysis with newly made digital connections

Advanced Topic Search

Improve customers’ search results in S&P Global’s products to be more “Google-like” by using natural-language queries to surface data and pages of content

Recent Acquisitions, Investments  & Collaborations

Algomi (AI and Alternative Data)
Bond information network that harnesses AI and data to improve financial trading decisions
Crunchbase (Alternative Data)
Delivers a broad universe of granular private-company data
FiscalNote (Natural-Language Processing)
Provides regulatory analysis and legislative tracking for state, federal, and international issues using natural-language processing
Kensho (AI and Natural-Language Processing)
Provides next-generation analytics, machine learning, and data visualization
Panjiva (Machine Learning and Alternative Data)
A machine-learning and data analytics company providing intelligence on global supply chain data
Pragmatix* (Big Data analytics)
Data analytics delivering risk solutions and business intelligence analytics to the banking, financial services, and insurance industries
Ursa (Alternative Data)
Aggregates and analyzes satellite data to provide alternative sources of market intelligence
Xpansiv (Alternative Data and Distributed-Ledger Technology)
Commodity-intelligence platform transforming energy-production information into DLT-powered format to track vital source data
Measurabl (Commercial Real Estate ESG Data Management)
Connects the real estate industry from “meter to market” by making it efficient to collect and share ESG data

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*Acquired by CRISIL