Kensho:  A Hub for Innovation and Transformation

Kensho became part of S&P Global in 2018.  Kensho has an elite engineering, data science, and product management team with experience from leading technology companies and training from engineering schools globally. Its core capabilities include machine learning, alternative-data analysis, search technology, and natural-language processing (NLP). S&P Global is combining Kensho’s first-to-market technology with S&P Global’s long history of deep, rich data and new private-company and alternative data sets to create a competitive advantage.

Kensho is deploying advanced technology and a start-up approach to create new revenue streams, reduce costs, and improve time-to-market across the Company’s divisions.


Apply machine intelligence to transform existing workflows

Entity Linking uses machine learning to link data from different sources to correct entities without errors and in a fraction of the time it would take employees.  This unlocks the ability to ingest data sets that would be impossible with traditional methods.
In the first year, Kensho has linked new private-company data sets for the Market Intelligence platform:
  • 400,000 new private companies through the Crunchbase collaboration
  • A further 3.8 million U.K. private companies planned in 2019, with more data sets including Chinese and other Asian private companies in the works


Develop tools that elevate customer experience 

OmniSearch leverages advanced machine-learning techniques to bring natural-language search to S&P Global’s web and mobile platforms.  This enables users to find answers and discover content far more rapidly than today. 
The first release of OmniSearch was made available in the first half of 2019 to a select group of clients for preview and feedback. OmniSearch will be released in a broader capacity later in 2019 or the first half of 2020.

Data Visualization

Accelerate new product development in adjacent markets

Codex is a next-generation customer-oriented platform designed to transform the work of analysts who deal with text documents and unstructured information, helping them find, organize, and analyze their work like never before.   
A proof of concept user case has been created for S&P Global Ratings’ U.S. public finance analysts to alert them to new, relevant information more quickly.

Incubate early stage ideas for white space products and services 

Fostering and maintaining Kensho’s innovation culture 
Kensho’s data scientists and machine-learning engineers remain at their offices in Cambridge, New York, Washington, DC, and Los Angeles.
More than 15 patents pending
Team has time to be innovative, work on new ideas, and partner with the academic community.
Why the Kensho team is excited to be part of S&P Global…
Kensho’s data scientists and machine-learning engineers have access to S&P Global’s deep, rich data sets.

Data linking is now 100x faster with Kensho’s automated process, ensuring client access to comprehensive and timely new data sets