Our Commitment to Operating with Purpose

At S&P Global, corporate responsibility is more than philanthropy—it’s making a real difference by finding the essential connections between our skills and the needs of society. We develop and deliver essential intelligence. Data and analytics meet strategic insight, in-depth research, and trusted benchmarks, so that companies, governments, and individuals can make decisions with conviction. This same drive for relevance shapes our approach to corporate responsibility, and is integral to how we live our values of Integrity, Excellence, and Relevance. It’s how we use our skills and capabilities to make meaningful change.

Our Corporate Responsibility Mission 

Our essential intelligence powers inclusive sustainable economies and thriving global communities. 

Bridging the Global Skills Gap 

Equip the global workforce with essential STEM and digital skills
Mentored 9,000 students around the world in workforce-ready STEM skills

Creating an Inclusive Economy

Expand economic opportunities for the underserved and support advancement for women
Launched the #ChangePays campaign to illuminate the positive impact of women in the workforce on companies, economies, and global communities

Promoting a Sustainable Future

Integrate ESG in the financial markets to promote sustainable investments and businesses
Conducted climate risk and opportunity analysis in line with Financial Stability Board guidelines; published our inaugural TCFD report in May 2019

Awards & Recognition 

S&P Global’s corporate responsibility is about finding the essential connections between our skills and the needs of society