S&P Global Ratings’ Ratings360 is a digital client platform that provides issuers with a holistic picture of their organization’s credit story – ratings, risk research, and critical insights — so they can provide timely information when it matters. This easy-to-use platform offers a consolidated view of critical credit risk factors, along with new tools, services and support, allowing clients to:

Ratings360® allows you to gain quick and easy access to a holistic picture of your company’s credit story. S&P Global Ratings latest solution offers a consolidated view of your critical credit risk factors, along with new tools, services and support, in one easy-to- use digital platform, ensuring you have all the data you need to stay informed, plan ahead and make decisions with conviction.

Ratings360® brings together a unique combination of credit ratings, risk research and critical insights to help you:

Ratings and Related Data

View and benchmark ratings data for your organization against peers, suppliers and counterparties

Research and Insights

Stay ahead of the factors moving your industry


Tailor the data in a way that is meaningful for you

Ratings Request

A single solution designed to kick start the ratings process with maximum efficiency.

  • Either an issuer or their intermediary is able to submit details of the request, schedule a meeting and upload supporting documentation
  • As all of the required information is entered from the get-go, they don’t have to worry if they are missing information, or who to contact if they have questions
  • The primary Analytical and Commercial S&P Global Ratings contacts are simultaneously informed of the request upon submission, saving time and resource.

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Credit Scenario Builder

Issuers can use our suite of Credit Scenario Builders to create hypothetical ‘what if’ scenarios based on their inputs and our criteria to gain a better understanding of how a rating is determined.

With the Credit Scenario Builder tool, issuers can:

  • Start their scenario with their own scores and modifiers pre-populated for ease of use, or pivot to a different illustrative issuer credit rating category
  • See how changes to the Corporate Industry and Country Risk Assessment (CICRA), (2) Competitive Position, and (3) Cash flow/Leverage affect the rating anchor of their scenario
  • Track how changes to our different modifiers ultimately impact the overall illustrative Credit Rating.

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Direct Connect
(for Insurance clients only)

Where insurance issuers can quickly and efficiently manage their ratings relationship with us.

A centralized hub where issuers can:

  • Access templates for ease-of-use
  • Submit documents related to their rating
  • Track progress with our Analytical team
  • Access previous submissions to help the completion process for future forms.