The S&P Dow Jones Indices Index Ecosystem

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Index Ecosystem Examples

ESG / Climate

  • S&P ESG Eurozone 60 Bund-SV Index
  • In May of 2021, the Federal Government of Germany selected S&P Dow Jones Indices to develop an EU climate-transition index which will serve as a performance benchmark for four of the government’s Federal Special Pension Funds. The index—the S&P ESG Eurozone 60 Bund-SV Index—will utilize S&P Global’s ESG Scores to determine eligibility and target climate-focused objectives, including collectively achieving decarbonization compatible with a 1.5ºC global-warming climate scenario.


  • S&P Quality Value & Momentum Top 90% Indices
  • Invesco launched the new multi-factor ETF suite tracking the S&P Quality Value & Momentum (QVM) Top 90% Indices.  The newly launched suite has generated over $1 billion in inflows from Municipal Employees Retirement System of Michigan (MERS) and other investors.  The S&P QVM Top 90% Multi-factor Indices measure the performance of stocks after excluding those with the lowest quality, value, and momentum multi-factor score.