451 Research, a Part of S&P Global Market Intelligence

In 2019, S&P Global acquired 451 Research, a global research and advisory firm that generates the data-driven insight that empowers technology and service providers, IT leaders, and financial professionals to capitalize on their market opportunity.

By covering all phases of technology innovation from investment to adoption through a variety of research techniques, 451 Research provides a holistic view of the enterprise IT landscape to its clients, who use the insight and data to develop business cases, create strategic plans, and execute on other key workflows.

Primary Customer Segments

Technology Vendors
Engage customers with insight into buyer behaviors, competitive landscape, and market opportunities.
Service Providers
Maximize business value with insight into innovative technologies, business models, and market dynamics driving their industry.
IT Leaders 
Use proprietary market and deal data to make investment, alliance, and acquisition decisions confidently. 
Financial Professionals 
Make informed decisions about the technologies and companies enabling IT transformation.

451 Research coverage is organized across nine ‘Channels’ that align with the prevailing issues driving IT innovation, helping clients implement, invent, and invest in digital infrastructure.

  • Applied Infrastructure & DevOps
  • Customer Experience & Commerce
  • Information Security
  • Cloud & Managed Services Transformation
  • Data, AI & Analytics
  • Internet of Things
  • Cloud Native
  • Datacenter Services & Infrastructure
  • Workforce Productivity & Collaboration
451 Research ProductsUse Cases
Market Insight– Private company profiles
– M&A deal analysis
– Technology trends
Technology and Business Insight  – Competitor mapping
– Technology overviews
Market Monitor– Market sizing
– Market share segmentation
Voice of the Customer– Technology adoption rates
– IT spend forecast
– Vendor due diligence
M&A KnowledgeBase– Proprietary M&A valuations
– Granular technology sub-sector taxonomy
Cloud Price Index– Accurately plan, target, and justify cloud pricing
Datacenter KnowledgeBase

Visit the S&P Global
Marketplace to learn more:
– Site-level supply and utilization metrics for 8,100+ MTDC (Multi-tenant Datacenter) facilities
– Worldwide coverage 

Now available over XpressfeedTM and Snowflake
The 451 Research Datacenter KnowledgeBase dataset available over feed supports cloud services, ESG, energy, media, and critical infrastructure analysis.

This dataset includes: 
– Datacenter location and ownership information 
– Capacity (space/power/racks)
– Leased/available capacity 
– Key identifiers to link to other S&P Global Market Intelligence datasets

451 Research is a technology research group within S&P Global Market Intelligence that provides a holistic view of innovation across the entire enterprise IT landscape