Uniting Data and Analytics under the S&P Capital IQ Brand

At S&P Global Market Intelligence, our strategy is to deliver a premier desktop solution to our users. Since its inception, the Market Intelligence platform was built to expand with new datasets and intuitive workflows: first by integrating the breadth of content from S&P Capital IQ with the depth of industry data from SNL; then by layering in new and relevant content and functionality, such as ESG and private-company data, as requested by our clients.

Though the Market Intelligence platform name has served us well, in August 2021 we determined the time was right to position our desktop solutions under our signature product brand: S&P Capital IQ. With its expanded datasets and enhanced capabilities, plus our commitment to further invest in differentiated content, analytics, and workflow tools, the Market Intelligence platform was renamed S&P Capital IQ Pro.

Integrated Data
S&P Capital IQ Pro integrates S&P Global, S&P Capital IQ, S&P Global Ratings, SNL, Compustat, LCD, Trucost, CUSIP, third-party data, and proprietary data in one solution.
Visualization Tools
Real-time market monitoring, rich analytics, and presentation tools connect data and surface trends across a breadth of traditional, alternative, and sector-specific data.
Easy to Use
The platform is modeled after client workflows and includes a customizable homepage, AI-powered document viewer, and smart search tools from Kensho, reducing the time to find relevant insights.
S&P Capital IQ Pro content and analytics are accessible via a web browser, Microsoft Office, and an iOS or Android mobile device—on the road or in the office.

Market Intelligence transitioned all legacy SNL users on the integrated desktop between November 2017 and mid-2018. As of August 2021, all Capital IQ users may speak to their Relationship Manager to upgrade to the S&P Capital IQ Pro desktop.
(See page 8 for migration timeline)

Enterprise-Wide Pricing
New licenses take into account the usage, breadth, and needs of a firm and provide clients with a simpler licensing model that generally allows more users to access this subscription service.