SME Initiative Launched with Core Data and Differentiated Analytics

S&P Global Market Intelligence is investing in its small- and medium-sized enterprises (SME) initiative to create a unique private-company intelligence service that clients can leverage to serve or do more business with SMEs.


Core data and differentiated analytics are the cornerstone of the SME initiative, starting with Phase 1 in 2020:

Deeper coverage of private companies including:
U.S., European, and Chinese private-company data
Profile, people, corporate structure, fundamentals, and trade payment scores
New robust and transparent analytics that complement existing financial-based credit risk models
and provide universal coverage relying on alternative data (trade payment, credit limit)
Access standard mechanisms
SME content in S&P Global Market Intelligence Desktop and Xpressfeed
Analytics via Credit Analytics

SME launched with data on >85 million private companies, and growing

Access to datasets is specific to each platform

companies on RiskGauge for supply chain/trade credit counterparty credit risk
companies on China Credit Analytics Platform for domestic Chinese customers in the corporate and lending space
companies on Market Intelligence desktop and feeds, including 500,000+ early-stage company data from Crunchbase

How Customers Use SME Data

Use CasesCustomers

Counterparty Credit & Supply Chain
Monitor risk of suppliers  and counterparties
Nonfinancial corporates
Underwriting and Surveillance
Support underwriting new business and tracking existing exposures
Financial corporates
New Business Development
Identify potential new customers
Nonfinancial and financial institution corporates
Deal Sourcing / Corporate Development / M&A
Identify target companies and people
Capital markets

RiskGauge Reports Available on Credit Analytics

While data is available broadly to serve many use cases via our desktop and feeds, S&P Global Market Intelligence is also embedding data and insights into specific workflows. The first core workflow is credit risk, with the creation of RiskGauge Reports and new analytics in Credit Analytics.

RiskGauge Reports are being rolled out to existing users of Credit Analytics


Improved predictive power on counterparty credit risk
Gain Insight from RiskGauge score, a holistic credit risk score comprising elements of a company’s Probability of Default (PD) Fundamental, PD Model Market Signal, and CreditModel scores
Ability to combine a client’s proprietary data with S&P Capital IQ financials and analytics

New Models Available on S&P Global Market Intelligence Platform and Xpressfeed

Identifies potential delays of trade payables by leveraging historical trade payment data and macroeconomic factors (covers U.S. companies; expansion to come)
Max Limit
Identifies maximum exposure limits for trade receivables based on analyses of a customer’s Probability of Default, liquidity risk, and recovery and risk appetite

SMEs account for approximately 90% of global businesses and more than 50% of worldwide employment