S&P Global Platts Energy Transition Offering

The global energy transition presents major challenges for today’s business leaders. Changes in policy, technology, and consumer preferences will determine vastly different levels of supply and demand across multiple commodity markets. These factors combined with the threat of climate change could present a business opportunity or risk for various market participants.

With more than 15 years of history in the low-carbon energy space, S&P Global Platts offers clients the insights they need to navigate the market shifts associated with the energy transition. Furthermore, as the leading commodity information provider, S&P Global Platts essential analytics, news, and pricing intelligence provide the data and tools needed to respond to the risks and opportunities presented by the challenges surrounding carbon abatement and the development of future energy sources. S&P Global Platts will continue investing in this space to accompany our clients’ needs as the Energy Transition continues to develop. 

Global Integrated Energy Model

COVID-19 has significantly altered the energy transition outlook, but has not transformed it

Platts Future Energy Emissions



Source:  S&P Global Platts Analytics, Future Energy Outlooks, Global Integrated Energy Model

Note:  CO2 figures reflect energy combustion emissions only. Data as of 2/28/2022

Key Elements of S&P Global Platts Energy Transition Offering Include:

  • Key Assessments & Prices
  • Market’s first voluntary carbon market prices assessments
  • Market’s first hydrogen price assessments
  • Ammonia prices assessments
  • Methane performance certificate assessments
  • Low-carbon intensity crude oil assessments
  • European Guarantees of Origin
  • Market data for carbon-neutral LNG, biofuels, battery metals, recycled plastics
  • Future Energy Outlooks
  • Annual guidebook:  Market-leading insights into the future of energy covering all energy sources and regions
  • 2˚C Warming Scenario Outlooks:  Outlooks reflecting emission levels limiting global warming to 2 degrees Celsius
  • Market Monitors:  Covering alternative transport, hydrogen, power storage, renewables, and more
  • Policy and Technology tracking per sector
  • Global Integrated Energy Model
  • Explore future energy demand and supply 
  • Modeling 143 countries
  • 10 end-use sectors and 30 fuel types
  • Annual data from 1990
  • Annual forecasts through 2040/2050

S&P Global Platts insights help clients navigate the future of energy