S&P Global Platts Data via Machine-to-Machine Delivery

S&P Global Platts developments in machine delivery are driving faster and more intuitive access to data and analytics. By using integrated datasets and analytics across commodities, geographies, and the supply chain, users will have a truly connected view of what is driving change in the markets.

Continued Expansion to Deliver Commodity Insights via API

In addition to enhancing the existing suite of APIs, additional highly valued fundamental datasets are now also available via new APIs, including Petrochemical Analytics, North Americas Gas analytics, Global Integrated Energy Model, and World Oil Supply. These datasets available via APIs will provide valuable supply, demand, and price forecast information, including planned and unplanned plant outages for direct ‘machine consumption’ in preferred back-end systems, quantitative models, business intelligence tools, or data lakes.

These new APIs join S&P Global Platts’ more extensive API and data-feed offerings and can now be found both in the commodity-specific Platts Developer Portal developer.platts.com and in the broader S&P Global Marketplace marketplace.spglobal.com

Platts Global Integrated Energy Model 

  • Global Integrated Energy Model is a comprehensive energy demand model, covering long-term energy demand outlook at the country, sector, and fuel level

Platts Petrochemical Analytics  

  • Platts Petrochemical Analytics delivers price forecasts, supply and demand forecasts, plant outage, trade-flow, and other fundamental data for ethylene, propylene, polyethylene, and polypropylene products

Platts World Oil Supply

  • The World Oil Supply provides access to historical and forecast data for global oil supply, which includes Production, Capacity, Spare Capacity, Maintenance, Disruptions, Cost of Supplies, and Company Production ownership data

North Americas Gas Supply and Demand 

  • Platts North American Natural Gas Supply and Demand provides insights on historical and modeled forecasts for regional supply and demand fundamentals in the U.S. and Canada

Refinery Outages via the new real-time solution

  • The new streaming WebSocket machine delivery solution offers time-critical datasets like Refinery Outages delivered into customer back-end systems and workflows as soon as they are published. Additional time-critical datasets will be made available in 2022

Launch of the new Platts Excel® 

  • The Platts Excel® Add-In has been modernized with latest technology and new datasets to continue to offer easy access to large volumes of proprietary Platts Fundamental insights via a tool (Microsoft Excel) that is familiar and highly used by Platts customers

Customer Benefits of
Machine Delivery

  • Integrate data into current systems and models
  • Access data instantaneously
  • Eliminate human error
  • Save on infrastructure and hosting costs
  • Work smarter and more efficiently
  • Access content as it becomes available
  • Take advantage of the far-reaching progress in digitization
  • Explore new growth opportunities

S&P Global Platts’ developments in machine delivery are driving faster access to commodity data and analytics