Uniquely Positioned to Deliver Global ESG Solutions

S&P Global is in a unique position to promote sustainable business practices not only by adopting industry-leading practices as a Company but also by integrating climate-related metrics and considerations into our products and services. Our portfolio includes comprehensive company-level ESG metrics, vital data, market benchmarks, analytical tools, and standards to help customers create resilient strategies to maximize financial performance, build a sustainable future, and meet the expectations of an evolving market.

Datasets Combine to Power S&P Global’s ESG and Climate-Risk Offerings

Delivered by SAM Corporate Sustainability Assessment (CSA) Trucost S&P Global Datasets Future Energy Outlooks2° Scenario PlanningProprietary low-carbon/ sustainable commodity energy price assessmentsGlobal Integrated Energy Model Powered by ESG Solutions ESG dataThe SAM CSA powers S&P Global ESG Scores, indices, and corporate benchmarking activities ESG EvaluationsGreen Framework Alignment OpinionGreen Transaction Evaluation

Clients benefit from:

  • Data insights to understand and report ESG performance
  • Analyst opinion to manage long-term sustainability and value
  • Assessment tools to illustrate ESG performance to the capital markets
  • Global benchmarks to identify prioritized opportunities to improve ESG performance

S&P Global is committed to delivering essential ESG insights and actionable climate-related information to the global marketplace