Kensho: A Hub for AI Innovation and Transformation

Since becoming part of S&P Global in 2018, Kensho has been building and deploying transformational technology solutions for internal S&P Global use as well as for external clients, applying AI across a full range of unstructured data and structured data. Kensho’s core capabilities include machine learning, alternative-data analysis, search technology, and natural-language processing (NLP). S&P Global is combining Kensho’s first-to-market technology with S&P Global’s unparalleled datasets to create a significant competitive advantage.

Kensho is combining advanced technology and a start-up mindset to create new revenue streams, reduce costs, and improve time-to-market across S&P Global’s divisions.


Applying AI solutions to unstructured and structured
data to derive insights in a timely manner at scale

Link uses machine learning to organize entity data and ingest new datasets accurately and in a fraction of the typical time. It can be used by clients to link their own entity records to S&P Global’s unrivaled depth and breadth of data, to clean up and de-duplicate entity databases, and to provide intelligent cross-referencing to other data sources.
In 2019, Link was used by the Market Intelligence platform to add 3.8 million U.K.-based private companies.
Link is currently participating in Market Intelligence’s SME data expansion.
Kensho Link has become a client-facing product via S&P Global Marketplace and has become a standard component of onboarding customers to S&P Global’s Salesforce CRM.

Natural-Language Processing

Transforming business processes through innovation  

Scribe transcribes financial audio into text with unparalleled accuracy and speed. The only speech-to-text product custom-built for finance, it handles complexities including jargon, accents, numbers, currencies, and product names as well as the nuances of spoken language, including mumbling, stuttering, and self-correction. 
Scribe is available to S&P Global clients as a stand-alone product.
Using Scribe, S&P Global:
– Improved delivery time by an average of 1.25 hours per call
– Processes transcripts for more than 36,000 calls per year
– Increased transcript coverage by 1,500 companies in the first quarter of 2020

Data Visualization

Make data discoverable

Codex is an AI-powered document research platform that facilitates the efficient discovery and extraction of relevant information from large volumes of text — enabling timely, fact-based decision-making. 
Codex, with Filings and Transcripts, went into beta in April 2020 and is currently being user-tested with select Market Intelligence accounts and a pilot group of Ratings analysts. Eventually Codex features will be supported for all of Market Intelligence’s textual data.

Incubate early stage ideas for white space products and services  

Fostering and maintaining Kensho’s innovation culture 
A range of programs fosters innovation and diverse thinking to keep Kensho’s team on top of their game, including knowledge days, think tank sessions, academic and industry partnerships, tech talks, fireside chats.
Docubot:  A toolkit for unstructured data
Docubot generates insights from unstructured data. Its ecosystem standardizes ingestion, pipelining, and data storage capabilities to provide the foundation for downstream machine-learning services and end-user applications.
Classify:  Next-generation NLP
Classify is a machine-learning R&D project that allows users to tag documents with customizable, user-generated concepts, topics, and themes. With minimal tagging, users get results comparable to systems trained on thousands of human-labeled documents.