S&P Global Marketplace

S&P Global Marketplace

S&P Global Marketplace is an open-access platform that allows visitors to explore traditional and alternative datasets from across S&P Global and curated third-party providers, along with a growing suite of data solutions. Launched in 2020, new datasets and solutions continue to be added regularly. 

Helping Clients Through a Streamlined Data Exploration, Buying, and Trialing Experience

  • S&P Global Marketplace serves as the storefront to datasets across the S&P Global enterprise and provides interactive data visualizations, sample data and data dictionaries, and quantamental research that contextualizes the offerings, along with a robust query library and an integrated support site
  • Seamless access to a suite of machine-enabled solutions from Kensho and others helps clients make the most of the data through data linking, entity recognition and tagging, and speech-to-text functionality
  • Marketplace expands S&P Global distribution channels to include cloud-based delivery in partnership with Snowflake


Moving Up the Analytics Value Chain with the S&P Global Marketplace Workbench

The S&P Global Marketplace Workbench, released in 2021, is an analytics platform that enables data analysis using leading technology from Databricks to create collaborative notebooks that support multiple languages, built-in data visualizations, and automated versioning. Users can easily analyze and review pre-built S&P Global notebooks, or build their own, to better understand and see firsthand the value of various datasets.

Easier Data Evaluation
Utilize pre-built notebooks to conduct exploratory data analysis and minimize their learning curve
Quicker Access to Data
Efficiently access data by reducing the need for internal information security, technology, and legal review
Convenient Collaboration Tools
Easily collaborate within a team via co-editing, co-presence, and commenting