Introducing S&P Global Marketplace

S&P Global Marketplace is a new, open-access platform available at marketplace.spglobal.com that provides visitors with the ability to search and preview traditional and alternative datasets from across S&P Global and curated third-party providers. Launched in 2020, new datasets and solutions continue to be added. The Marketplace is organized as a storefront and provides sample data, data visualization, data dictionaries, and Quantamental Research to help visitors understand and evaluate the dataset prior to purchase. A suite of machine-enabled solutions from Kensho and others helps clients make the most of the data through robust data-linking services and seamless integration.

Comprehensive data profiles enrich the user experience


Search a growing range of datasets from S&P Global and curated third parties
Find and preview sample data
Link with other datasets to create new insights
Trial Licenses
Trial licenses enable users to test various datasets for a specific period of time
Fundamental data tells part of the story…
Fundamental data
Financial performance
Credit Risk Profiles
Mergers and Acquisitions
…Alternative data creates a more complete view
Shipment trends to help identify risk
Sentiment and behavioral insight from textual data analytics 
ESG data and Climate Risk

Robust data linking and seamless integration unlock additional value

Link with other datasets to combine differentiated data and build a more complete picture
Clients use S&P Global’s turnkey data loading and management technologies to seamlessly integrate data to get the insight they need:  Salesforce App, Kensho Scribe, Xpressfeed, Xpressfeed Loader, ClariFI®, Snowflake, Kensho Link, API Solutions

S&P Global Marketplace enables clients to explore premium fundamental and alternative datasets and link differentiated data to build a more complete picture